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I get it now, Mom.

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When it's cold outside, you wear a coat, right?  Depends...

Worrying about your kids just never stops, no matter how old they get!  After 21 years, you'd think being a mom would get a little easier, right?  I mean, they can brush their own teeth, do their own laundry, even find their own food.  So, your worries should be pretty much done... NOT!

Yesterday, the high temperature in Springfield was 16 with a wind chill of zero or below.  Yesterday in Rolla, Missouri, where my son goes to college, it was even colder.  High temp of around 12 I think and wind chills well below zero.  My son owns a nice warm, lightweight down jacket, leather gloves, and a thermal stocking hat.  He also has to walk a little over a mile from his dorm to class.  Do you think he wears any of those items?  Again, NOT!!!

It is beyond me that an intelligent, grown man can be so #!@$%^^*!  THAT is the frustration of a mother who worries about her baby and at the same time wants to drive to Rolla and FORCE him to wear a coat!

So, yes, Mom, I get it now and I don't have any idea how you survived seven children without losing your mind!  Love you... and I'm sorry.

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