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I know, it's not November, but

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What are you thankful for?  This year, when I am trying to come up with something to 'blog' about, I try to start with that question to myself.  Today it led me in this direction:

As I was getting myself ready for work this morning, it occurred to me how nice it was to NOT have to wake up cranky kids, hurry them to get dressed, TRY to get them to eat something, load them up in the car and get them to school on time.  ALL of this while trying to get myself dressed and ready for work!  

As I thought back on those days, I did remember some good things, but most days it was a struggle.  It didn't help that I am NOT a morning person... I absolutely hate alarm clocks.  (In a perfect world I would like to just sleep til I wake up.  I'm guessing that is what retirement is all about, however, I bet by the time I reach retirement, I'll probably wake up at 6 every morning just to be contrary.)

My second son, Ted, is NOT a morning person, either.  He, however, expresses it loudly and sometimes by hurling objects, so that waking him was never pleasant.  He really reminds me of my sister, Gwen, she was very uh 'verbal' in the mornings as well. 

So, now I am thankful that I only have to deal with my own grumpy self, take a few minutes to wake up, drink my coffee, and then start my day.  Once in awhile I do have to knock on Ted's door so he's not late for class at MSU, but he's become a little quieter in 'rising up'... and he usually texts me later and thanks me for waking him.

Yep, mornings are a lot more peaceful these days.  And that makes ME a lot more peaceful.  And for that, I am grateful (as are the people I share office space with).

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