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Some days technology and I don't mix!

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 We've all experienced it.  You try and you try to perform some basic task that is only supposed to take a couple clicks and it's done, right?

Well, today I've hit not one, but two roadblocks.  First a website we use to download music beds for commercial production absoluely REFUSED to download the files I needed.  I tried every which way I could think of, called in the KTTS IT guy, he couldn't make it work.  I even went through those "Frequently Asked Questions" on the website and installed junk it said to install... nothin!

THEN, I tried to 'chat' with their support people... another option on the website... but nobody's home. THEIR office is closed today for the holiday... what are they government employees?????  So I sent an email and gave up for the day before I threw my computer through the window.

Then, I was trying to upload a photo from our trip to Memphis to add to this blogpost... not gonna happen either.  Apparently, this program does not want to put pictures in and our IT guy can't figure THAT out either.  So... just picture me, standing between The Swan Brothers (from the Voice), with a smile on my face... they are SO cute I'm thinking of adopting them.  Oh, and picture me with Kellie Pickler, too.  Just picture it because I CAN'T MAKE THIS STUPID PROGRAM WORK!!!

I think I just need a teenager...

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