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Batteries - dead but deadly?

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I learned something on Facebook today!  In case you haven't seen it yet, let me tell you why you need to beware.

Most of us save up our used batteries and  when we have enough, we take them to be recycled, right?  We all know it's not safe to throw them in the trash because they pollute our planet.  And most of us just throw them in a plastic bag and put them out in the garage.  I used to even carry the bag around in my car in case I drove past the recycling center and had time to stop.

Well, this person on Facebook learned the hard way NOT to do that!  His little bag of batteries was sitting on a shelf in his garage.  One day he sets something else on the shelf beside it that bumps it, the batteries move around inside the bag, coming in contact - metal to metal - and start a fire!  His garages goes up in flames and the damage to his house is devastating.  Apparently, he should have known better, too, because he was a firefighter.

I never knew that dead batteries could ignite like that, did you?  He tells us that what we should do with dead batteries is put electrical tape over the ends so they don't touch each other and that will solve the problem.  

Man, I can't wait to get home and see if I have a bag of batteries still sitting around in my garage... I've already checked the car... Whew!

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