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A belt would help.

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I'm not a bad housekeeper, I'm not a bad housekeeper, I'm not at bad housekeeper!!!!  Contrary to my sister's opinion of me.  

We were roommates my sophomore year in college... we rented a 2 bedroom duplex so we could both save money.  Mind you, we had 'roomed' together our enitre lives... for the first 13 years of my life anyway, sharing a bedroom, living at home... but this was our first actual "living together" situation.  I must say, I was shocked and appalled at the standard to which she endeavored to hold me! 

All of the sudden I was expected to wash any dishes I used, clean up the bathroom after I made a mess in the morning, mop floors, vacuum, dust and even refill ice cube trays (remember those) whenever I used a few ice cubes!  Mom never made me do EVERYTHING!  She was always on me about being a slob and the house being a pigpen!  So, after THAT raising, I became a really strict housekeeper of my own home.  Clean as a whistle!  You could eat off the floors.  White glove test?  No problem!  

Until I had that second child.  There is something about having TWO boys running around that make it a bit more challenging to keep a house clean.  And the second boy was and IS like a tornado going through the house.  I immediately know where he's been and what he's been doing the instant I walk in a room.  Needless to say, my housekeeping has become a bit more relaxed, if nothing else, just to save my sanity.

But yesterday I decided I would do a thorough floor cleaning because that floor just never seemed to be clean no matter how much I swept!  I start out with the vacuum but after several minutes I noticed that nothing was coming off the carpet!  Those little pieces of dirt and lint were sticking like glue.  Uh-oh.  I turn off the vacuum, unplug it, and open it up... yep, broken belt.  Must have been broken for awhile!  Guess I've just been spinning my wheels for awhile now, using a broken vacuum cleaner!

Well, tomorrow (or next week) is another day.  And, Sis? It's not my fault!

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