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It's the 10th of January

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... how's that diet/exercise program going NOW????

Ten years ago my New Year's Resolution happened in February...  I gave myself a Valentine's gift - my very own treadmill.  I know, I know... most people treat at home exercise equipment like they do a gym membership.  They actually exercise for a couple weeks and then use it as a 'clothes hanger' after that.  Well, not me!  My poor treadmill has been used faithfully, in fact, I have had five new motors put in over the past ten years!  

So, what's my motivation?  Originally it was the fact that my 'fat' jeans wouldn't zip up.  Then, it was the fact that my children were young and required many more years of care... how was I gonna hold up if I was unhealthy and overweight?  Then it was the fact that whenever I had a crisis in my life, that treadmill kept me from having an emotional/mental breakdown!  Just getting on and moving has seen me through the illnesses and deaths of my mom and one of my sisters, through a couple of bad relationships and their eventual break ups, and now, it is getting me through the empty nest/letting go phase of parenting.  Quite frankly, it's saved my life! 

So forget making those resolutions on January 1.  Forget the desire to be a size 2.  Forget having a gym membership or even a treadmill.  Just find a way to start exercising because it's gonna change your life... FOR THE BETTER!  When you're motivation is health... physical and mental... the weight loss just naturally follows.


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