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And, the adventure continues...

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Car stories, chapter, I don't know, three... four?

Get a call from my college Freshman, Ted:  "Mom?  Did I tell you what my car is doing when it gets really cold?"  (No, he hadn't...)  I immediately imagine the worst for the 23 year old car he drives.  "Well, sometimes the key doesn't want to come out of the ignition.  I couldn't get the key out last night, so I had to lock the keys in the car.  Can you come unlock me?"

This call is coming around 2:30 in the afternoon, AFTER I am on the air and can not leave work until 6 o'clock... in the dark... on Monday when it is 3 above zero for the high!  Why didn't he call before I was on the air so I could come help him in the DAYLIGHT???  He didn't wake up until 2... in the afternoon!  Teenagers on winter break... I don't like them.

"Sure, Ted, if my car will start, I will come and unlock YOUR car."  My car (the 19 year old car) has had a low battery for the last two or three years... or so I am told by every mechanic that has changed the oil in that time.  My answer?  It's still starting, so I will buy that battery when this one won't start anymore.  So yes, I didn't really expect my car to start when the windchill was 13 below zero.

Well, shut my mouth and call me speechless!  My car started on the first try!  I made it to Ted (sliding all the way on those snow packed streets) and unlocked his car (the key is now out of the ignition... for today at least)!  And I am once again thanking Maxine (my car Guardian Angel) for all her help.  She's cranky, but she's reliable!

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Springfield, MO

Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
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