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Our Guardian Angel

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... or maybe the Patron Saint of Older Cars?

If you've been paying attention to this blog or to my afternoon show on KTTS, you know that I gave up on buying new cars in 1995.  In fact, my Mom-mobile is that car, a 1995 Honday Odyssey.  The next car I purchased in 2002 (or was it 2001?) was a 1991 Honda Civic wagon.  The latest and newest at our house is the little 2001 Toyota Corolla I helped my oldest son find this past year.  All told, we have some really 'collectable' automobiles! 

For a mom, it can be nerve-wracking just knowing that my boys are out there driving those older vehicles and I really worry when they are driving long distances.  Well, Arch had to drive five hours to come home the Saturday before Christmas.  I had stewed and prayed and was on pins and needles all day.  I am constantly after him to be careful and to keep a close eye on fluid levels and tires before taking off.  Some of the area he travels through has no cell reception, either.  AND, it was raining that day with flood warnings in his area.  See, I had plenty to keep me tied in knots.

Well, he made it home safely, no problems and mom was once again called crazy!  (I am happy to be crazy as long as they are safe).  Anyway, that car sat in my driveway for a day, then was shuffled into the garage the next day and wasn't actually driven... until Monday night.  The three of us pile into Arch's car to go to a friend's house and IT WON'T START!!!  Nothing, nada, ain't movin'.  We ended up having it towed to the repair shop to get fixed.

Silly, huh?  It would be really funny if it weren't the THIRD time I've had a car simply break down IN MY GARAGE!  And a 4th time, my car broke down a mile from home... in a Kum n Go parking lot!  Coincidence?  I don't think so... we'll just call her Maxine, Guardian Angel of Old Cars.  As for me, I love her!

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Broken Clouds
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