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What will you ask Santa for?

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Wow, that's a question to really think about!

I know the immediate thought is for things like an Iphone, computer, name brand clothes or shoes, or even a new car.  But I've been reading over letters to Santa (that I found online, of course) from decades past and it is amazing how not only WHAT kids asked for has changed, but what their motivation was for asking in the first place!

Before television and even radio, those letters asked for things that the kids needed... pencils and books for school, warm socks and maybe a piece of fruit... and THEN maybe a toy.  They were sure to ask for things for their siblings or parents as well.  Many tried to keep the cost to a minimum and not ask for too much.

After television and ad campaigns the requests became bigger and bigger and always had a brand name attached.  And the lists got longer and longer... and cost?  That didn't appear to be a consideration.

Okay, I guess I shouldn't just assume that all letters to Santa became so grandois and greedy, but it IS amazing to see how the requests have changed through the years.  How we have changed...

So I had to stop and think, what would our world look like if we again only asked for what we needed, and then asked for others to have enough and always considered the cost in order to not waste valuable resources?  What would our children be like?  What would Christmas really look like?  I think that's what I will ask for this year...

May you have what you need, may your loved ones be blessed and may you celebrate Christmas for the love that it was designed to bring to our world.  Merry Christmas!

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