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I'm afraid I have totally turned into a GUY!!!

It started with not being able to keep from flipping channels when commercials came on television. I couldn't put down the remote...  I knew something was wrong!

I left dishes in the sink... stopped wearing jewelry... I don't 'do' my nails... and NOW???  It's December 18th and I haven't put up the tree, not even one decoration... and I have NOT gone shopping!!!!!

It's looking like it might be December 23rd before I get the chance.  WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME??????????????

I'm pretty sure my mother would NOT be pleased.  She was kinda Mrs. Clark Griswald with the decorating and she bought or made a Christmas gift for each and every one of her 50 some grandchildren... there's many more now.  So, sorry Mom... 

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Broken Clouds
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