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How to stay warm

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... when it's colder than a well-digger's derriere! (And my daddy WAS a well digger, so our family knows what that means.)

My sons are always giving me trouble because they say our house is always cold.  Well, I have compromised and set the thermostat to 70 instead of  68 like I used to.  I DID get a new furnace installed about three years ago that was "big enough for our house"  because apparantly the last one wasn't... (I understand that was the reason 'du jour' a few years ago whenever you had a furnace problem... just need a bigger one!)

But, the truth is, when you have a big open floor plan and tall ceilings in the living room, it tends to be a little too 'airy' and therefore, not as warm as we'd like.  The only way to change that would be to crank that heat up to 80, I'm afraid, and I'm not financially set to go there!  So...

I love my long johns!  I have three different sets of long johns... the solid old fashioned kind AND the fun, colorful, complete with snowflakes on them kind.  I put them on under my jeans, my sweats or just sleep in them.  SO toasty!  AND, when I'm just a little too chilly cause I've been sitting around watching tv?  I get down on the floor and hold a plank for a minute or two.  Nothing gets the blood pumping like holding still for a plank, I've found. 

Or, you can just do sit-ups, push ups or jumping jacks... then you've burned enough calories to have a nice cup of hot chocolate, load it down with marshmallows and grab the snugglie for more tv time!

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