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Curly's View

Fingers in the ears, singing LOUDLY!

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That's what I do everytime somebody mentions the SIX letter word.

It starts with a "W" and ends with an "R."  I am SO tired of hearing about it!  First of all, I don't care for frigid cold weather.  Secondly, I hate it when I have to scrape frozen precip off my car.  Third, no matter HOW bad the roads are, I STILL HAVE TO DRIVE ON THEM!  

Here at KTTS, we are more like the postal service than you might think.... at least the disc jockeys and news people.  Bad weather?  TOO BAD, get in here.  It's our job to make sure YOU know what's going on, plus, dead air is frowned upon in the radio business.... KTTS does not "voice track" and then leave (like most radio stations today), we are here 24/7, live and local.

My first winter here (back in '79), I learned a very valuable lesson from Miss Kitty.  After I had slid into work (many hours early, because it was snowing and I drove a Camero), I got ready for my overnight shift and watched out the window as all the guys were busy digging out their big cars from under a foot of snow.  Miss Kitty threw on her coat and waded through the snow where she got into her little VW Bug, turned it on and without touching a shovel, drove smoothly out of the parking lot and down the road!  I'm not sure the others even got home that night.

So... The very next month, I bought my own little snow mobile (a front wheel drive Civic) and have never missed a day of work because of snow.  I'm not sure whether to thank Miss Kitty or not!  


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