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Vacations can be dangerous to your health!

It's true... unless you are actually going on a trip and have actual PLANS for DOING something on a vacation, you, too can turn into a SLUG!  It happens to me every single time.  I take a week off, I spend the first couple days at home catching up on my "honey-do" list... (I have no honey, so, it's just MY list...) and then I gradually gravitate towards the television.  And, there I stay... No makeup, no combing of the hair... (I do brush my teeth...) and of course, the wearing of the 'uniform', you know, the sweat pants in winter and the ratty shorts and t-shirt in the summer. 

In my defense, I must confess that I hit several obstacles on my to-do list, what with the holiday making some things un-do-able.  Like, I'm not about to go out and shop on Black Friday, or Saturday or Sunday, for that matter... crowds are scary!  And online shopping?  Well, my computer is actually on it's last legs and even though I have DSL, it's like dial-up at the moment.  Not to mention that it takes my computer no less than three hours to boot up... (I've got a disk problem, I guess).

I did do a small amount of cleaning, I raked a large amount of leaves, and I baked an even larger amount of homemade rolls of Thanksgiving.  Other than that?  Well, it was Slug Time at my house.  Combine that with leftover turkey and dressing and well, you can imagine how happy I am TO BE BACK AT WORK!  Where they make me clean up and get dressed and actually NOT sit in a recliner.

I swear, if I even think about retiring one day... talk me out of it!

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