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9 Things You Might Be Surprised To Know About Me...

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Really?  Just another Facebook chance to talk about my favorite subject... ME!

These Facebook posts started showing up about a week ago.  They are kind of a modification of the old "25 Things About Me" that used to be all the rage.  Now, the deal is that a 'friend' assigns you a number and you have to come up with that number of 'things' that are not widely known about you.  One of my friends claimed to have been given the number 425!!!  Thank goodness she was joking!

Well... my number was 9.  I looked at that number for a couple days.  It was a very intimidating number, UNTIL, I saw that one of my nieces in Ohio had been given like Nineteen!  Boy, was she up for the challenge!  She not only listed 19 things, but went into great detail about each and every one.  Where everyone else would write a sentence, she wrote a paragraph.  When I clicked on the 'see more' link, it had given her post it's own PAGE!  

Oh, to be young and think that everyone wants to know THAT much about me!  I am now not so intimidated by NINE things, but, I am still not completely sure that they would interest anyone, either.  My life is pretty much an open book... I'm at that age where I've told my stories so many times I can't remember who I've told and who I haven't and so I repeat myself anyway!  So, if you happen upon my little number and list, please be kind... and I promise NOT to assign you a number!


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