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For ONE pair of shoes?

For a person who hates shopping, Saturday was particularly painful.  I had a 30% discount for Kohl's that was to expire that day and I needed a pair of shoes... desperately... and so I thought, "let's see if Kohl's has anything and maybe even do a little Christmas shopping while saving 30%."  So, off I go to Kohl's.

Two hours later, I leave Kohl's with NOTHING.  I don't know if I've simply been to Kohl's too many times that nothing new popped out at me to look at?  Or the fact that it was crawling with people and I was too anxious to concentrate, but I found nothing to save 30% on that I could possibly want, use or think was a great gift for someone else.

So, I went to the MALL... aliens must have taken up resident inside my brain, because I NEVER go to the mall.  Not only did I go the mall, but I walked from Sears, to Macy's, to Old Navy and back to Sears making stops in several stores and STILL I found NOTHING that I felt was a good buy, good gift or a single shoe that I liked in my size!

So, on my way home I swung into Gordman's, went straight to the shoes, tried on two pair and decided that one of those was IT.  I made the purchase and was in and out of the store in 20 minutes.  Why, oh why didn't I just stop there first!!!! 

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