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The countdown has begun...

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Less than two weeks til Thanksgiving!!!!

Really, Thanksgiving is about the best holiday of the year.  A day where all you do is eat and eat and eat the yummiest food there is, visit with family and either watch football or play touch football in the backyard.  You don't have to shop for gifts and worry you got the wrong thing and you don't have to dress up (in fact, better to just wear your buffet britches, aka sweat pants)!  As long as I don't have to do all the cooking, and I have help with the dishes, I'm good.

In my family, we all have our assignments and nobody has to cook the whole meal, which is nice.  So this year I am toying with the idea of doing the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning.  I'm not a runner, but I think it might be fun to try, it's for a good cause and it would be a great way to get a headstart on burning off a bunch of calories before the big feed!  If I can find a way to work it around "the baking of the rolls" (homemade, at least 40) then I might just do it.

So, in order to get my stamina up I am going to our church Thanksgiving dinner this weekend.  Practice, practice, practice!

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