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High tech or traditional?

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 Call me crazy, but (big surprise) I'm thinking traditional is better.

I'm talking about kids' toys.  We are surrounded by Christmas ads everywhere we look and I can't help but be drawn to the toy ads.  It seems, no matter how old your children get, you still think you need to check out the price on toys at Christmas... like I'm gonna be buying toys for my grown boys!  Old habits...

Anyway, it occurs to me that so much fo the high tech gadgets they are making for kids... and I'm talking even for babies... are nothing more than babysitters and so we don't have to spend the time actually reading them books (the books talk) or teaching them to count or their colors or alphabet (there's an app for that).  These gadgets do it all for us!  

When I remember the hours I spent with my boys, reading them book after book after book... helping them figure out which shaped object fit into which slot in a plastic ball... singing the 'ABC' song... those were the times I actually got to be WITH my children.  Times when I wasn't just a feeding machine, or laundry machine, or clean up the kitchen machine... I actually got to enjoy my boys.  We built castles with big leggos, put together miles of plastic train tracks and hot wheel tracks... we played 'Trouble' and 'Monolopy' ... we even went outside and played catch!

So, yes, technology is terrific, but the time you spend is so much more important.  So how bout this, YOU be the gift you give to your kids this Christmas?  It won't cost nearly as much and they will treasure it for a lifetime!

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