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Leaves, aren't they pretty?

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My backyard is filled with pretty fall leaves... only problem is, I don't have any trees in my backyard!

Oh, but my neighbors do.  And they lean over the fence that surrounds my backyard.  And all those leaves land in my backyard.  And that's where they stay!  We are not talking about a few leaves, but enough to fill several large lawn and garden bags.

So, the process has begun.  I spent yesterday afternoon raking leaves... all the while knowing that this is only the beginning.  The leaves are only a third of the way off the trees.  There will be more... much more raking to do before those trees are bare.  Plus, one neighbor has pin oaks and those trees will hang onto about half of their leaves through the winter, and then when they start budding in the spring, down comes the other half and I get to rake leaves in the spring!

If only all those pretty trees gave my backyard some shade... no such luck... just pretty leaves!  Okay, it's a workout, be thankful. :)


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