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November means

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Deer hunting, Thanksgiving and THE DREADED CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!

At least I dread it.  Shopping is not one of my favorite things to do.  I actually get anxiety attacks when shopping in department stores... they are so BIG and there are so many shiny things... and the lights are bright... and there are mirrors... and I can't even THINK STRAIGHT about what I am there to do!

Thank goodness for the internet.  Before online shopping, I went a little crazy each and every year.  I would make my lists (no undecided gifts allowed because that would involve 'looking around') I would go into the store, go directly to what was on my list, pay and get the heck out!  Now, I can peruse many stores online, make my choices and even order, pay and they send everything to my house!  What a relief!

I don't know how people go out and face the Black Friday crowds.  I tried that once and swore never again.  Those people are crazy!

Anyway, I think I will just enjoy looking at those deer pictures on facebook, go to at least two Thanksgiving dinners and  make sure my computer is ready for the big shopping spree!  Ho, ho, ho!

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