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Hey, did you notice the gas prices?

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They've gone down drastically in the last couple months!  We should be happy and grateful, right?

My kids call me crazy when I point out that things like Genetically Modified foods are gonna kill us.  Or that MSG is addictive and makes people fat.  Or that the chemicals in soda pop... ANY soda pop, regular or diet, will give you cancer.  Or that artificial sweeteners are worse that plain sugar!  So, it's no surprise that I would come up with THIS theory about gas prices...

Have you noticed that whenever stuff is crazy in Washington... or the White House... where they are trying to get the approval of the American public and yet are struggling... suddenly, gas prices start to go down.  We go for months with crazy jumping- up-overnight gas prices and the minute that Washington needs us to stop complaining about something, the gas prices start to inch their way down! Because nothing makes you feel more hopeful than cheaper gas!  (yeh, like anything over $1 could be considered cheap)  I just think it's a big trick... so yes, sons, I am a paranoid old lady!

I am just saying, consider the possibility!  I, for one, will never declare gas cheap until it hits $1 per gallon.  And actually, that's not cheap that's just where it SHOULD be.  And even though it's going down now, they will soon be sticking it to us again, so don't get your hopes up!  And for Pete's sake, don't stop complaining about the other junk they are doing in Washington... do NOT let lower gas prices keep you from speaking out and doing something!

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