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Halloween Eve...

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I don't know which is more scary, haunted houses, ghosts or shopping for candy!

The pressure is really huge when it comes to choosing the right candy to give to Trick or Treaters.  Do I buy what I like or do I buy what is the 'best selling' or do I buy what I can afford?  And heaven help me if I buy the stuff on the "top ten list of worst Halloween candies" to give out... I might get egged!

I remember as a kid going from one end of town to the other... walking... in the rain... in a costume that had a mask that I couldn't see out of, so I fell in the ditch every five minutes.  I would struggle to my feet, pick up the candy that may have fallen out of my pillow case and keep moving... trying like the devil to keep up with my older sister.  And if somebody told us about a house giving out full size candy bars?  Then we were off and running and I was usually left behind or worse yet, I keep up and run my little legs off only to get there and the porch lights are out cause they ran out!

One thing that changed from my days of trick or treating is that kids here in the 'big city' have a lot of other options for gathering candy so that if it rains on Halloween they don't actually hit the streets.  My boys always loved a rainy Halloween because that meant they'd be some of the few kids out ringing door bells and people who had lots of candy would just throw tons in their pumpkins to get rid of it!

Anyway, I'm off to the store after work tonight so I'm ready for tomorrow.  No candy corn, no Neccon wafers and no Dum Dums.  I do love Nerds and I love Kit Kats... to heck with kids, that's what I'm getting!  I may turn off the lights BEFORE I run out!

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