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Curly's View

At least you can multi-task with radio!

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Okay, how many channels do you have on your TV?  Dozens... hundreds?  And, how many weekly programs do you try to keep up with?  Two a day, three, 10?  

Yes, there's the DVR, you can record what, 2 or 3 channels at once while watching another... and then, they wait for you to have time to watch them.  But can you really watch all of them?  Even with skipping the commercials, you still have to commit to 45 minutes per hour episode.  We are already warned about sitting for extended periods of time... gonna give us all heart attacks... and yet, we are a nation of television addicts.  I know that for me, I look forward to sitting down after dinner and dishes are done, relaxing, letting the wonderful fantasy world of television take me away from the stresses of my day...

But wait!  What am I saying?  Most of what I watch on television is nothing BUT stressful!  Violence, lying, stealing, cheating... I find myself clenching my teeth and/or my fists while sitting through the latest trials and tribulations of my favorite show.  I like cop shows, I like 'Scandal', I like Grey's Anatomy!  I find myself glued to the television watching hours of drivel each and every day!  I even watch TV in bed now!  I go to sleep with the television on, for pete's sake!

Yes, my name is Curly, and I'm a television addict... AND I ONLY HAVE 10 CHANNELS!!!  No dish or cable for me... just an antennae and a 28 year old TV... if I had more channels and a big screen, I'd have to be committed... 

You'd think I'd have a 'radio' problem...


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