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Two concerts in one week?

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What was I thinking?

I must admit, it's a nice problem to have... having to work almost every concert that comes to town.  But, two in one week, Man, that's tough on a school night!   First it was Florida Georgia Line last Wednesday night at Drury, and last night, it was Keith Urban at the Q.  I was lucky to get six hours of sleep each night.  As you can imagine, my behind is dragging!

I'm sure I'm not the only one (besides my fellow employees) who was at both concerts.  There are some crazy people in this town that just love to have a good time (some I am related to).  The music was fantastic at each show... there was plenty of dancing, singing and not much sitting down.  I'm guessing it's a pretty good workout... I was thinking that I should have worn a pedometer to clock the miles I traveled!

Anyway, I just rewarded myself with a DQ chocolate ice cream cone... I figure I can have this one and a couple others "to keep up my strength"  and then I can work 'em off at Justin Moore's show at the Shrine in less than two weeks.  See you out there!

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