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Colder weather brings...

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What is it about colder weather that makes me want to buy potatoes and fry them, mash them, put them in a soup?  I'm already on my second bag of potatoes and it's barely the middle of October.  I find it crazy because I normally will avoid potatoes because they are high in starch, so that means they turn to basically sugar when you eat them.  I'm pretty sure they cause a little weight gain, too!  Usually, I just try to stick to sweet potatoes (which I love) because they are so much better for you nutritionally and weight wise.

BUT, at the first cool snap, I find myself eyeing the potatoes at the grocery store... and then they put them on sale and I'm done for!  I've already fixed potato soup and about four dinners of mashed potatoes... I'm now dreaming of fried potatoes and onions!  

I was reading that sugar is as addictive as cocaine and that carbohydrates that basically become sugar - like potatoes - can be just as addictive.  Remembering the way I wolfed down a huge mound of mashed potatoes last night, and the fact that I am writing this and CAN'T WAIT to eat my leftovers for lunch... I would say I have one big potatoe habit that's gonna be hard to break!

Is there a twelve step program for potatoes?


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