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Phishing is messy stuff!

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What kind of a person spends his or her time trying to find ways to rip off other people?  How low do you have to go before you take money from little old people or people already so broke they can't afford to lose any more?  And really, money is all phishing is really all about, right?

So what does a phisher do?  They create fake emails that appear to come from someone you trust like banks, credit card companies or websites you like and typically trust.  Then they try to get you to give them information like usernames, passwords, social security numbers and so on.  They may also get you to install malicious software on your computer by clicking a link or opening an attachment.  From there, they can infect your computer, monitor your keystrokes and steal all your personal information in order to rob you blind!

This morning, I had an email come through that was supposedly from an Archbishop of some South African diocese saying that they were setting up some sort of 'panel' of experts for a conference of some kind.  There were all kinds of misspellings that tipped me off to the fact that this was a bogus email.  Last week we had emails coming through that looked legitimate, and they were coming from co-workers' email addresses, but they were phishers!

As Fox Moulder would say "Trust No One"... and for Pete's Sake, don't click on links or attachments that are the least bit "phishy."   Let's "Be careful out there"  in cyberspace...

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