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Parent Trap?

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It's kind of like when you fall in love.  You think everything is wonderful, your relationship will always be blissful, you will live happily ever after!  I think it's actually some chemical reaction in the brain that makes you deny reality.  Anyway, it's the same when you have children.  Those babies just make you fall in love!  You look at those little faces, those chubby thighs, that little coo and gurgle and you can't even imagine life with a teenager!  You just KNOW life will always be magical and you will be Parent of the Year.

I guess I'm just looking back on the last 21 years and letting the wonder of it all just amaze me!  That baby love was swift and sure and totally captivating... so much so, that I had second one!  And now that first baby has just turned 21.  How did that happen?  How did we go from beautiful baby, to silly, funny toddler, to busy, smart youngster, to moody teenager to a MAN????  And now, number two is already 18, in college and making his mama proud, too.

So, even though the years haven't been a bowl of cherries... and I'm still risking my life waking up a teenager that can't seem to hear an alarm clock... I guess I do feel a little like Parent of the Year.  And ya know what?  I think after 21 years, I'm still in 'baby love' !  (either that or early dimentia has set in :)


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