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How to get a teenager to clean a bathroom.

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It only took 18 years, but I finally figured it out.

I have boys so you know what a dirty bathroom is all about, right?  Doesn't matter if they are short or tall, they just all seem to have the same problem and I'm tired of being grossed out by it and I started refusing to clean it up quite awhile back.  Anyway, I had been asking the 18 year old to clean his bathroom (which is actually the hall bathroom, so it is really the one that 'company' uses if anyone is visiting) for the past couple weeks.  I especially drove the pressed the point LAST weekend when my niece and he husband were at the house and I had to direct them to MY bathroom because HIS bathroom was so disgusting!

Well, another week passes and still, no cleaning of the bathroom.  What to do?  Quite by accident I started making cookie dough and a light bulb goes off.  I make up the dough... in plain sight of the teenager... and then I stop short of baking any cookies... dough goes into the frig.  After dinner, he's asking when I'm gonna bake those cookies... answer?  "Right after you clean the bathroom!"  


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