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It's already begun...

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and I can't stop myself!

For many months now, the candy dish in our front office has gone away.  No more Hershey's kisses, Rolos, M&M fun packs, and assorted other goodies that would magically appear each day and just as magically disappear!  I was a bit sad when it first went away, however, I had gotten used to going without my little chocolate treats... and my jeans had gotten a little looser, too.

WELL, this week a heart shaped bowl showed up and it was filled with what I can only assume is the first of the Halloween treats... I immediately grabbed a fun pack of Peanut M&M's and wolfed them down like there was no tomorrow!  You'd think I was a starving person and this was my first meal in a week.   I then went back for a Rolo... and then for a tiny KitKat bar... (I also started to feel a little queasy).  Then I just eyed the bowl the rest of the afternoon, watching it dwindle down to a few kisses... 

I swear, I feel like some sort of addict... and this could continue for at least another month because it's not even October!  And it's all down hill from there.

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