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Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookie for breakfast!

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The cooler mornings make me think I need something different for breakfast.  Something rib-stickin'.

I'm so tired of toast and eggs and yogurt.  In fact, I'm tired of everything that is supposed to be breakfast food.  My mom used to fix all the normal breakfast stuff when we were kids... we NEVER went out that door for school without eating breakfast!  Anyway, some mornings she would get creative (or bored) and fix warm, top of the stove, chocolate pudding!  And I had no idea what a regular pancake tasted like... my mom made them chocolate... and then she made a sort of icing to pour over them (we call it 'homemade syrup', but it's really just powdered sugar, milk, butter and vanilla cooked together... icing) .  I remember the first time I was offered regular pancakes at a friend's house I thought they were weird!  Once our friends had mom's pancakes, they begged for them when they spent the night!

Well, I decided this morning that I'd have oatmeal.  BUT... not just plain oatmeal and definitely not that instant oatmeal junk!  I make it with whole milk, a little sugar and peanut butter.  It kinda tastes like a peanut butter cookie... with oatmeal.  It's kinda healthy, too, rib stickin' and I think my mom would be proud!

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