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I kinda liked it!

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It may be because I am desperate for something to watch, or maybe I am just a sap.

I am a big Redbox customer... especially in the summer when everything on television (and keep in mind I don't have cable or satellite, I'm a strictly local tv, antennae girl) is a rerun.  So, I have seen almost everything in the 'box'.  And for months now, I have been wishing that I had seen Breaking Dawn Part I, because all they have in the box is Part 2 and that just isn't going to work!  And yes, I will admit to watching the first three Twilight movies back when I DID have satellite and they ran a free weekend on movie channels and I was bored so I watched them and now I thought it might be nice to finish the story... even though I couldn't possibly be so lame as to enjoy those movies like a silly tween!

Anyway, since I've seen everything in the 'box', I was forced to go to the actual video store... something I try to avoid doing because I am usually in there for an hour just trying to pick out something to rent... and I can't believe how many of those movies I have actually seen!  Well, I ran across Breaking Dawn Part I and I watched it last night.  Now I have to admit that I must have liked it at least a little bit because I keep thinking about it today!  Crap!  

So, I know what's happening this weekend... off to the 'box' or the video store to get Part 2.... my luck it won't be available anymore!  I have SUCH an exciting life!

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