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Yes! I'm unstopped!

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And yes, I'm talking about the downspout that was all clogged up.  (what were you thinking?)

One morning, in the midst of the constant rain that we were getting in August, I happened to be out on my deck and noticed that instead of water going down the downspout, it was spewing up and out like a little boy taking a leak off my roof!  Apparently, my neighbor had seen my little fountain coming out of the top of the downspout for quite some time but kept forgetting to tell me!  This is the same neighbor that owns the only tree that happens to be hanging over my roof... 

Anyway... the problem is my house has a walk out basement and so that particular corner is actually a couple stories up, so I wasn't going to attempt to go up there and unclog it myself.  My son was willing to try, but that downspout is also hooked to an underground drain that carries the water several feet out into the yard and I didn't want him to take it apart like he did his older brother's toys... that never quite went back together right...

So I did what any smart woman would do, I asked single friends for the name of a good handy man.  And it's so funny, FOUR of my friends use the same guy!  So, I got his number, he came over, he fixed it, I paid him and it works!  Yay!!!!!

So... if you need the name of a great handy man, holler... I'll hook you up!

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