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They Call Me the Food Police...

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 A couple of co-workers and I wait every week for Wednesday... not because it's "Hump Day" but because it's Grocery Store Sale Ad Day!  We race to the newspaper or Penny Power (if it arrives on time) to see what's on sale.

We then cuss and discuss just what is worth the trip to each store... or we plan our Price Matching Strategies, coupon usage, etc., etc., etc.  One local grocery store is currently in the dog house with one of us because it has discontinued double couponing.  He and his wife are big couponers and they are VERY disappointed.  I, on the other hand, rarely use coupons because I try to stay away from pre-packaged foods and that's basically all that coupons are good for, food-wise.  I believe that now that same grocery store is offering better sale prices on things like produce because they are not double-couponing!  I think I am winning!

Then the conversation turns to things like best place to buy salmon.  Which, in turn, leads to the discussion on farm raised or wild caught, frozen or fresh.  There are some other co-workers that try to chime in, but they have no idea what we are talking about... heck, they still think it's alright to buy Talapia that is farm raised in China!  If you had told me even 10 years ago that I would be this passionate about what I am eating and where it comes from, I would have laughed in your face!

Not anymore... I am on patrol.

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