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Spiders? Or snakes?

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What's worse?  For me, it's spiders.  Now, I have to admit, I'm no sissy when it comes to spiders.  I see one, I kill it, done.  But the other day, I think one of 'em found me before I found him!

I was sitting out on the porch waiting for my son to drive in from Arkansas... I had been out there for several minutes.  Then, when he arrived, I helped him carry stuff in and so I was outside, in the dark, for some time.  I'm thinking that's when the little bugger paid me a visit!

After we were in the house for a few minutes, I got a real itchy spot on my 'backside' and thought it was a mosquito bite.  I tried not to scratch it and it stopped itching.  I didn't give it anymore thought until the next evening when I put on jeans and we went to see a movie.  The minute I sat down in the seat, I felt a really scratchy spot on my 'backside' and when I felt it, it was swollen and bumpy.  Hmmmm, not normal.

Once I got home I tried to look at it... pretty hard considering the location... I knew it was no mosquito bite!  And yes, my sons would not help me out by looking at it for me!  (no surprise, again, considering the location).  I ended up taking a picture of it with my phone!  No help there... couldn't tell if I was gonna die or not from that blurry photo!  Anyway, I put acne stuff on it.  It did eventually go down and is on the mend, but I do think it gave me a healthier view of spiders.  They can really cause a fuss!  Time for the Home Defense spray to come out and get used!!!

Snakes?  I just leave 'em alone.  I always understood that they did good stuff, so let them be... especially black snakes, they kill mice... and really, those are the things that scare me the most.  If I found one in my house, I'd have to move... seriously.

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