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Curly's View

Guess I might just be too 'girly' for this.

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I tend to think of myself as more of a 'tomboy' than a girly girl.  I don't do the manicures, pedicures or wear a bunch of jewelry.  Heck, I don't color my hair!  I know, that just isn't done these days... everybody colors their hair!  Well, if it's gonna take regular maintenance, then I save my energy to maintain my health and the health of my cars!!!

Anyway, I went to see Man of Steel the other day with my son.  (Henry Cavill, by the way, is such a hunk!  He certainly looks perfect as Superman.)   For the most part, I really enjoyed the movie.  The different take on the background story, the villans, the evolving of superman's powers as a boy... all told really well.  And, I understand that you have to have all the fight scenes with the bad guys.  And I understand that it has to be a close match to make you root for Superman... BUT, I thought the final fight scene lasted Way Too Long!

I mean, Superman's job is to save people, but here's the final scene, destroying half of Metropolis!  Man, with all the super people throwing stuff at every building, blowing them up, knocking them down, throwing cars and trains everywhere... you KNOW people were dropping like flies!  And it just went on and on and on and ON!  Come on, how long does it take to destroy the villans after all?  All I could think was WHAT A MESS THEY ARE MAKING!  Even if they defeat the bad guys, they have really messed up the world... how do we put it back together after all that?  

So yes, I must be a girly girl after all... enough with the fighting already!  Just clean up this mess!

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