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Curly's View

Take time to look at the Whole Picture... they are NOT puppies!

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I don't know, maybe ignorance IS bliss when it comes to becoming a parent.  When you are thinking of starting a family... having a sweet little baby... you really have no idea what you are getting yourself into.  I know I didn't!  And of all the people in the world, you'd think someone who had spent their entire life surrounded by kids, babysitting kids, watching older brothers and sisters raise kids (my oldest nephew was one year younger than me...) I would understand what it took to be a parent.  Heck, I even had a couple step-children in my first marriage that I helped raise for five years... I knew what the day to day stuff was all about! 

But no, that did not stop me from wanting to have children of my own.  "Piece of cake", right?  Wrong!  Until you actually have your own children, you have no idea how scary the whole parenting thing is!  How much you love those little creatures and how afraid you are of screwing them up!  And no, it doesn't stop when they reach aldulthood, if nothing else, it gets harder and scarier... and I have great kids!  It's not like they are criminals or poor students or trouble makers.  My boys are smart, healthy, loving and good people... and I'm still scared to death that I'm doing it all wrong.

I could talk until I was blue in the face, but you will go forward, have those babies and one day, you will understand just what I am talking about.  One day, you will be waiting for one of your babies to drive 300 miles home for the first time and scared to death that all manner of bad stuff will happen to him on the road, or worry that you didn't teach him to drive well enough, or a million other worries will plague you.  And then you will think of me, Curly, and know what I was feeling on Labor Day weekend, 2013!

Have a safe and family fun weekend!

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