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Do you think I was born yesterday???

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Okay, don't answer that.  But, I truly hope that I am not that gullible!

The other day my home phone rang and on the other line was a person claiming to be with Technology Support for Windows and that 'errors and threats' has been detected on my computer!  First red flag?  The VERY thick Indian accent that made it almost impossible to understand what he was saying.  Second red flag?  I have had my computer for many years and have never ONCE received such a call from Windows... or anybody else for that matter.

Of course I question this person... who I can barely understand... and he adamantly insists that he is legitimate and only calling to help me.  After a few minutes of asking him to repeat what he is saying... and still not understanding... I tell him that I do not believe he is with Windows and that I believe he is calling to 'scam' me.  Furthermore, he will NOT be getting any of my personal information!  AND, if he wishes to continue this conversation, he had better put someone on the line that could speak English!

So, he puts me on hold and gets another man on the line... not much better on the accent, BTW.  I manage to get his name out of him, the name of this so-called company (Performance Mechanics, he says, out of New York) and a then he gives me a phone number to call back and ask for HIM!  I love the fact that he blames his accent on being from New York!  He then rattles off my address and zip code (not my name, though... probably because I am listed under initials and not first name in the phone book) to prove he already has my personal information.  Are you kidding me?  He got all of that from the phone book!

Anyway, I do NOT give them ANY information... I do NOT go to ANY website they ask me to go to... and I certainly do NOT let them 'help' me.  Poor fella, I had him totally frustrated by the time I hung up!

Bottom line?  Don't let these guys fool YOU.  Run your own virus scans and contact Windows yourself if you need help.  Believe me, they will NOT be calling you on a Saturday afternoon to offer it!  Safe surfing!

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