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There goes my avocados!

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Apparently it's all my fault, according to the people and fellow avocado lovers I work with.  You see, every week we rush to the Wednesday news paper to find out what price the avocados are in Springfield.  

We have been counting on Aldi's to help us out with this because they have the best avocado prices in town.  We really score if they put them on sale!  THEN, we take the Aldi's ad with us to "you know where" to price match and get all the avocados we can stand.  If there's no sale at Aldi's, we can still get them for about half the price of all the other stores in town.

Well, I talk about and eat so many avocados that everybody thinks that I have driven up the price!  Not so!  I think the blame lies with it being "Avocado Season" at places like Subway and Braum's.   They've been buying up all the avocados and then everybody else jumps on the band wagon and pretty soon, you can't find a twenty-five cent avocado anywhere!

Oh, and keep that Aldi's info under your hat... we can't have EVERYBODY buying out Aldi's... where would I get my avocados then?  Life must be pretty good if this is the most pressing problem in my life, huh?  Here's to your health and all the quacamole you can eat!

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