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It's a fact, prayer works!

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This time last year, we were in the middle of a drought, and yes, we were ALL praying for rain!  We did rain dances, played rain songs, imagined rainy days and cool temperatures.  We put prayers for rain in prayer boxes, too.

Well, guess what?  Our prayers were answered!  We just don't get to say WHEN the answer will come!

Really, Mother Nature is a finicky one.  She has cold feet, hot flashes, stormy fits and the occasional sunny disposition.  We just get to go along for the ride!  I don't know about you, but I'm thinking we need to find her a good physical and mental therapist.  Or, at the very least, send her some chocolates!

Oh, and when we pray for the rain to go away?  Be a little more specific about when and for how long.  Amen.

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Broken Clouds
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