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I'm now switching allegiance to Duncan Hines!

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Betty Crocker, you've let me down.  Yep, it's happening to our beloved cake mixes.  They've been downsized!  I'm not talking about a lay off, I'm talking about a smaller box!  And less mix, means less cake!

Apparently, a cake mix used to come in at 18.25 ounces.  Now? It's 15.25 ounces which will short your cupcake tin by SIX cupcakes!  And it's not just happening to cake, people... Consumer packaged-goods makers have gotten creative with how they pass on rising costs and maintain bottom lines - from offering fewer ounces in cake mixes to replacing some of the cream in ice cream with air to punching a hidden "dimple" in the bottom of peanut butter jars to decrease capacity. So, the price may stay the same, and the package looks the same, but it contains less product.

The Good News? Duncan Hines is NOT joining the shrinking band wagon!  We can still get our 24 cupcakes from them!!!!  Keep that in mind when you're doing your shopping.

BUT, here's a better idea, don't eat so much packaged food.  It's the pre-packaged food people that keep shorting the public with their little 'slights of hand"... and the nutritional value of those foods are non-existant anyway.  Let those mixes be a treat and keep it whole and natural.  Try a piece of fruit... I'm pretty sure they can't lie about the size of an apple or banana!

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