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SO... there are reasons we may be "blue"

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and it isn't because we are Smurfs!

Apparently, if you are feeling a little down, it may not have anything to do with having personal problems at all... or the need for a doctor.  Here are some of the reasons, they say  we may be feeling a little down:

1.  We sleep in the half-light... in other words with a night light.  It disrupts sleep cycles and that messes with our mood.

2.  If you are 6,500 feet or more above sea level, it causes metabolic stress which can affect your mood for up to 90 days!

3.  You let your mind wander... in other words, you need to keep your mind in the present to find happiness... live in the now!

4.  Artificial sweeteners can alter our moods, too.  So lay off the diet stuff!

5.  You use botox to keep from frowning... unfortunately it also keeps you from really smiling which make you sad!

6.  You are around someone who used the wrong fabric softener, perfume, deodarant, etc.  One in five of us has a chemical intolerance to 80,000 odorless chemicals in perfumes, sunscreens, detergents, etc.

Moral of the story?  If you're feeling down, try correcting some of these things.  Might end up saving hundreds of dollars in doctor and prescription bills.

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