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I now have proof!

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My boys take too long in the shower.  

I got my utility bill this past week and I'm looking it over and thinking, "this seems a lot less than usual for June/July."  Well, of course, it IS a whole lot cooler this year than last, but when I started comparing the water usage and the gas usage... which is NOT affected by cooler temperatures, I discovered an interesting thing... my water and gas were down significantly!  AND, we were charged for 33 days this year as opposed to 31 days in the billing cycle last year.

So, what's different?  My oldest son has been in Arkansas since the last weekend in May.  He's not here to take those daily 10 minute, steaming up the whole house showers he loves.   And my utility bill shows it!  I'm saving this bill and showing him when he comes home.  

I'm just a little pumped that I have proof and he can't say I'm crazy on this one!  

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