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Wow, they just keep putting money in my account

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Inbox Dollars, Direct Deposit... even total strangers!!!

Everytime I check my email, there it is... more money!  Just click here, complete account information there, and you're all set to receive $1,000, $1,500... even $2,500!  What a deal!  How nice!  These people are SO nice to me!

REALLY?  How stupid do they think we are, anyway?  "Just click here to show the images."  Or "click here to visit the website."  And guess what?  They hack your email or even your computer and you are toast, my friend!  Or worse yet, you actually DO give them your personal information when you "activate your account" and they steal your identity.

It never ceases to amaze me how obviously people try to take advantage of others, however, it does amaze me to think that some people actually fall for the scams.

Oh... look... somebody wants to give me a new car!... better see what that's all about...

Stay safe out there.

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