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Curly's View

Well, I haven't lost my touch!

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You should have seen me, I lasted at least TEN minutes!  

We had a church picnic yestereday.  We cooked out hamburgers and hotdogs with all the trimmings and lots of salads and fruits!  THEN, we had home made ice cream, cookies, pies, cupcakes, too!  It was a veritable feast and believe me, I didn't hesitate to eat my fill!

Well, after all that, the kids were having water balloon fights, throwing balls and frisbees and then... they got out the HULA HOOPS!  I could no longer just sit back and watch, I had to see if I still had it in me.  Plus, I wanted to show those youngin's a thing or two.  

I grabbed one and away I went!  And yes, I just went on and on and on!  Finally, after about ten minutes I had to stop before I passed out from heat stroke... or lost my lunch... but I DID IT!  And of course, that lead all of us to reminisce about other fun toys we played with as kids... remember the ones that went on your ankle and then you swung the ball end of it around and jumped over that with your other foot?

I think it's time we get out the old toys and had a little fun.  Makes you feel young and what a work out!


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