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I'm a little excited...

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I get four days off... in a row!

Summer time is usually a very, very busy time around KTTS.  We have more events, more concerts, more remote broadcasts (we used to call them 'roadshows') and it seems like we are working every single day.  Well, actually I was working every single day... for 12 days straight... just a couple weeks ago.  Let me tell you, my house sure looks like I haven't spent any time there... at least no time spent cleaning it!

So anyway, I decided to take off this coming Friday... after having the holiday off... so that makes a FOUR day weekend!!!!  Now, what to do with it?  Laundry? Yardwork? Clean out the garage?  KILL the garden (which is really only very tall weeds)?  So many fun options....

Actually, I just may treat myself to seeing a movie... would love to see "Heat" ... maybe a girls night?  Cause, that's definitely a chick flick... or maybe I'll just call Cash, he likes Chick Flicks...:)  But whatever I do, I intend to enjoy it!

Happy Fourth of July!


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