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What would I do without Neighbor Joe???

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Sometimes I think he needs his very own red cape!

Seems like anytime something goes wrong at the house, I eventually end up calling Joe... and again, my next door neighbor of 20 years came to my rescue last night.   This time, it was a car issue.  Ya see, Ted's vehicle had a problem with the tail lights staying on, even after the car was turned off and the lights off... just staying on.  It had begun on Monday night and on Tuesday afternoon, after having jumped the car three times, he took it to a mechanic who looked at it and said it was the 'switch' and he fixed it and sent Ted on his way... for free, I might add.

Well, it started up again last night and yes, the battery was dead!  The timing was not convenient AT ALL.  Ted was all set to go start a new job this morning... one that required him having a car in order to do said job!  So yes, I panicked... and when I panic, I call Joe! (after having called another friend who had absolutely no idea what to do... well, I was trying NOT to bother Joe... that's when the panic set in.)

Of course Joe knew what I was talking about with that 'switch' the mechanic had referred to!  And, in true Joe fashion, we got out there with our flashlight and he showed me exactly what the problem was.  Not only that, but he got on the phone and ordered the new part ($13 part, I might add) and today he is gonna talk Ted throught the process of replacing that switch!  Great lessons learned for both me and Ted.

Oh, and of course Joe had a battery charger we could borrow... charged up that battery and off Ted went to his new job this morning!  Super Joe... Uh huh!

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