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Okay, so I've given up sodas...

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... and now you're telling me to be careful with my water?????

Here's what I'm seeing now from

  • Lab tests show that ice from branches of McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Starbucks and other fast food restaurants have been found to contain more bacteria than the water found in the restaurants’ toilets!  Probably because the ice machines are not cleaned very often and employees are not washing their hands as they are supposed to.
  • And let's not forget that tests conducted in 2008 found that two-thirds of all restaurant lemon wedges were contaminated with 25 different types of disease-causing bacteria -- including fecal bacteria!  Again, employees not washing hands... and we're not talking about the ones that are cutting up the wedges, but the ones that are actually putting the wedge in or on your glass!      
  • So... what to do?  I guess we ask for water with NO ICE and absolutely, we tell them to HOLD THE LEMON!!!  I'm getting thirsty and a little nauseous all at the same time.

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