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Nancy and I got to meet Tim Freakin' McGraw!!!!

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I'm still a little shell shocked from the experience.

Last night was the big Tim McGraw/Brantley Gilbert/Love & Theft concert at Black Oak Amphitheater in Lampe.  Nancy Simpson and I... along with several hundred other people, were at the show.  And yes, we got some pretty special treatment because we got to meet Tim... just us radio people... and spend some time chatting with that georgous hunk of a man!  I know it's hard to believe, but we were a little speechless!

Quite frankly, I have never witnessed such physical perfection in all my life... and I have met a lot of people over a LOT of years!  That man is one perfect muscle without an ounce of fat!  Anyone that stands next to him just looks like a fat slob... like they have never moved their body in any form of exercise in their entire life!  If it weren't such fun to look at him, I would have been pretty depressed...  I understand he works out FIVE hours a day!!!

He was very nice, down to earth and just the nicest guy!  He answered our silly questions, told us about his teenage girls, about his new album.  I'll let Mr. Mark give you the low down on what we learned about Tim in HIS blog... I'm still having a hard time remembering anything about what was said... I got too distracted looking at the man instead of listening to what he had to say!

So, that's about it... we went, we saw, we fainted!  Oh, and the show was good, too... :)


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