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Weight loss, exercise and eating right...

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we're all interested because EVERYBODY wants to lose weight... and believe me, I've studied this subject all my life, so I'm ready to share my experience, strength and hope! :)

Ya see, I was a chunky kid.... it all started about the 4th grade and I've struggled ever since.  It didn't help that my next oldest sister was tall, thin and ate whatever she wanted... same story with my favorite cousin AND my best friend!  EVERYBODY could eat whatever they wanted and never gain an ounce!  I, on the other hand, just had to look at a brownie and it flew to my thigh!  Didn't help that my sister pointed it out on a daily basis, either.

Anyway, I have read about all there is to read on the subject of weight loss, exercise and just nutrition in general.  I've been on Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, taken Metabolife and done the Atkins diet, the apple diet, the vegatable soup diet, the grapefruit diet... you name it, I've probably tried it!  Oh, and don't forget Slim Fast.... I've done those liquid diets a couple different times.  And guess what?  None of them worked because the minute I went back to my 'normal' eating, I gained weight!

And then there's exercise... I've been a member of every gymn in town!  I've done aerobics, step and water, too.  I've done nautilus, walked three million miles and even thrown down with Richard Simmons!  All things I enjoyed and worked for awhile, but once the membership ran out or I got bored or I lost the weight I wanted to lose, I'd go back to the couch!

So, how did I turn it around?  One day it hit me... while playing with my children... that I didn't have much energy, I felt sluggish and old and depressed and I was suddenly afraid that I was gonna let my boys down by being no fun AND I might get sick or die or something and then who would take care of them?  That did it... (and not being able to zip up my fat jeans, too) I bought a treadmill the very next day!  I parked that sucker in front of the TV, started out slow - 20 minutes at 3 mph - and stayed consistent!  At the same time, it seemed that all those years of reading about nutrition finally kicked in and I suddenly KNEW what I needed to be eating... or more importantly, what I needed NOT to be eating.  But the real secret?  I concentrated on being healthy and the pounds just came off!  That was over nine years ago.

My routine today is simple:  limit sugar, white flour and say absolutely NO to processed foods and soda of ANY kind (a little cheat once in awhile is allowed, though); and I work out six days a week... but only for 30 minutes!  I do what's called interval training on the treadmill 3 times a week and resistance work the other 3 (or yoga once in awhile).  I've also been doing a "Plank" for 90 seconds each day.  The result is no pain... AND no gain!

So my advice?  BE HEALTHY... and the weight will take care of itself!


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