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So all we need is five skills, huh?

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Women, that is, to succeed at work... well, guess I'd better start taking notes!

1. Don't gush with gratitude... at first.  I guess many women just say thank you when offered a job and don't even think to negotiate or even find out if the pay is what it should be for the position.  Men, on the other hand are more likely to negotiate that pay... note to self... shoulda done that MANY years ago... is it too late?

2.  Avoid the Pushy Trap... turns out, when negotiating your pay, if women say the exact same thing as thier male counterparts, they are percieved as pushy, while the man is percieved as strong... so what do we do?  I guess that brings us to number 3...

3.  Channel your Big Sister... (I happen to have 4 of those, lucky me!)  Which, goes something like this, apparently: "I don't know how typical it is for people at my level to negotiate, but I'm hopeful that you'll see my skill at negotiating as something important that I bring to the job." Women are supposed to be the big sisters, bossy but also always looking out for everyone else. Hmmmm, gotta practice that one.

4.  Wear a turtleneck??? Really?  Well, not really... but, if you have areas of your body that go red or sweat profusely when negotiating for that raise, be sure to dress appropriately.  

5.  (OK, you'll have to forgive me for this one, Mom...) Get the Sock Out Of Your Pants... in other words, don't try to be a man, be the wonderful woman that you are... strong, smart and confident... with the emphasis on confident!

I love this quote:  "One of the new power women we see in the papers these days, Christine LaGarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, once said the Wall Street collapse would have been much less severe if "Lehman Brothers had been a bit more Lehman Sisters." Remember this when you're going out there: The age of testosterone is over. You are the new rescue team.

Go Team!

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