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Wow... is there anything left to eat that won't kill us?

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After reading an article on the nine foods you should never eat, I'm thinking there's not much left.  Let's run down those nine:

1.  Canned tomatoes... the cans are lined with BPA and the acidity of tomatoes causes that toxic chemical to leach into the food.  We are supposed to avoid those and other canned foods.  I sure wish my mom was around to can up some fresh garden tomatoes for me!

2.  Processed meats... not only are these produced from animals that are confined and treated inhumanely, but they are processed with so many chemicals that we're not supposed to eat them AT ALL.  There goes my ham and cheese deli sandwich!

3.  Margarine... well, DUH, trans fats... those will clog your arteries and I know not to eat THAT.  Besides, I love butter.

4.  Vegatable oils... not stable enough for cooking at high heat... and they introduce oxidized cholesteral into our bodies.  Supposed to use coconut oil.

5.  Microwave popcorn... the packaging alone, when heated to cook the popcorn contributes to a ton of health problems.  So, get out the pot and cook it up the old fashioned way... but don't use vegetable oil.

6.  Non-organic produce... there are several of these that allow the pesticides used to grow them to be absorbed into the produce and then into our bodies... can anyone say cancer?

7.  Table Salt?  Really?  Even though we need salt to live, processed table salt and the salt used in pre-packaged foods contains too much sodium chloride and chemicals.

8.  Soy beans... most are Genetically engineered as round up ready and that is NEVER good.

9.  Artificial Sweeteners... these not only increase your appetite, they cause carbohydrate cravings, increased fat storage and weight gain!  How uncool is that?

So... out of this list, I'm doing well on numbers 3, 5, 8 and 9.  The rest?  Well, I'm thinking I may just have to eat the weeds in my yard and kill two birds with one stone. 

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